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NOTE: This DAoC bestiary is built from log files submitted by players like you.

Camelot Auto-Bestiary

Mob: pygmy goblin

Mob Summary Stats

Mob Name Lvl Avg (Min - Max) Soc.? Call? Scout? Aggro? Faction Avg Camp Avg Group Logs Total Killed Players Killed Deadliness Drop%
pygmy goblin 44 (38 - 52) social calls scouts aggressive   1 % 74 % 236 7,781 130 17 5 %

Mob level ranges may have occasional errors. Maximum detectable level is 67+. See submit page for more info.

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Zone Information (locations where this mob is found)

Zone Number Killed
Lyonesse 7779
Cornwall 2

Item Drop Information

In the game, a mob can have more than one different drop table. For example, frontier vs homeland, or different drops for different spawn levels of the mob. Currently, this bestiary only stores a single combined drop table per mob.

Grey italic drop rates are the LEAST accurate -- more log submissions are needed to give a more accurate rate.
(U)=Unique/ROG drop

Named ItemsOrdinary Items
ItemEstimated Drop Rate# Dropped
Oversized Pygmy Crossbow 0.8 %63
Pygmy Needle Mace 0.6 %49
Banded Coral Gauntlets 0.3 %26
Ring of Body Abhorrent 0.3 %23
Banded Coral Sleeves 0.3 %22
Necklace of Darkness Abhorrent 0.3 %20
Banded Coral Leggings 0.2 %18
Banded Coral Coif 0.2 %16
Banded Coral Hauberk 0.2 %16
Banded Coral Boots 0.2 %15
Bracer of Heated Antipathy 0.2 %14
Bracer of Frozen Antipathy 0.2 %14
Ring of Cold Abhorrent 0.2 %13
Belt of Dissension 0.2 %12
Seething Death Cloak 0.1 %10
Gem of Spirit Abhorrent 0.1 %6
ItemEstimated Drop Rate# Dropped
bag of coins 96 %7496
pygmy death beads 24 %1854
small chest 21 %1626
large chest 6 %481
pygmy sized ruby idol 5 %354
green sapphire 3 %227
heliodor 2 %179
violet sapphire 2 %161
aquamarine beryl 1 %112
yellow diamond 1.0 %75
precious jasper 0.4 %35
TOTAL:162 %

Faction Information

No faction information was found for this mob.

Proximity Information (mobs that "pygmy goblin" is found close to)

The higher the score, the more of that mob are likely to be found near a pygmy goblin.

In Zone: Cornwall

Mob NameScore
pygmy goblin1

In Zone: Lyonesse

Mob NameScore
pygmy goblin47610
pygmy goblin tangler1541
pygmy goblin bombardier115
lesser telamon33
Danaoin soldier23
Danaoin fisherman21
Arawnite headhunter19
medial telamon7
greater telamon2
Danaoin farmer1
angry bwca1
cailleach guard1


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