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NOTE: This DAoC bestiary is built from log files submitted by players like you.

Camelot Auto-Bestiary

Mob: isalf forayer

Mob Summary Stats

Mob Name Lvl Avg (Min - Max) Soc.? Call? Scout? Aggro? Faction Avg Camp Avg Group Logs Total Killed Players Killed Deadliness Drop%
isalf forayer 45 (44 - 48) social calls scouts aggressive   8 % 10 % 45 250 2 8 1 %

Mob level ranges may have occasional errors. Maximum detectable level is 67+. See submit page for more info.

Does the level or other info look incorrect? If so, try viewing all observations (log submissions) of this mob.

Zone Information (locations where this mob is found)

Zone Number Killed
Odins Gate 124
Oceanus Hesperos 81
Yggdra Forest 20
Jamtland Mountains 17
Uppland 8

Item Drop Information

In the game, a mob can have more than one different drop table. For example, frontier vs homeland, or different drops for different spawn levels of the mob. Currently, this bestiary only stores a single combined drop table per mob.

Grey italic drop rates are the LEAST accurate -- more log submissions are needed to give a more accurate rate.
(U)=Unique/ROG drop

Named ItemsOrdinary Items
ItemEstimated Drop Rate# Dropped
Painbound Focus Invoker Staff (U) 0.4 %1
Glib Svarkedja Sleeves 0.4 %1
Speedy Bracer (U) 0.4 %1
ItemEstimated Drop Rate# Dropped
bag of coins 29 %72
small chest 2 %6
splinter of ice 2 %6
icy flute 2 %5
aquamarine beryl 0.8 %2
pilfered frost-covered coins 0.8 %2
kornerupine 0.8 %2
large chest 0.4 %1
yellow diamond 0.4 %1
peridot 0.4 %1
heliodor 0.4 %1
TOTAL:40 %

Faction Information

No faction information was found for this mob.

Proximity Information (mobs that "isalf forayer" is found close to)

The higher the score, the more of that mob are likely to be found near a isalf forayer.

In Zone: Jamtland Mountains

Mob NameScore
shard golem13
glacial mauler6
isalf forayer6
great lynx5
savage wyvern5
winter wolf4
pale aurora3
wintery dirge3
frost spectre1

In Zone: Oceanus Hesperos

Mob NameScore
isalf forayer10
pale aurora1
bright aurora1

In Zone: Odins Gate

Mob NameScore
isalf forayer81
frost stallion51
bright aurora10
isalf marauder6
savage wyvern5
windswept wraith4
pale aurora3
winter wolf3

In Zone: Uppland

Mob NameScore
fallen troll6
winter wolf5
savage wyvern4
undead viking4
ghastly Albion invader3
pale aurora3
ghoulish warrior2
isalf forayer2
frostbite wildling1
glacial mauler1
ghostly Hibernian invader1

In Zone: Yggdra Forest

Mob NameScore
bone-eater slayer14
isalf forayer14
bone-eater spine-ripper6
winter wolf6
ghastly Albion invader5
icestrider chiller5
torpor worm5
frost spectre3
icestrider frostweaver2
glacial mauler2
ghostly Hibernian invader1


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