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NOTE: This DAoC bestiary is built from log files submitted by players like you.

Camelot Auto-Bestiary

Item: heliodor

Mobs That Drop This Item

All mob drop percentages are estimates.
Grey italic drop rates are the LEAST accurate -- more log submissions are needed to give a more accurate rate.

MobItem Drop Rate# Dropped
isalf hierarch50 %1
mountain algae34 %33
High Lord Tarnkappe33 %5
Danaoin commander27 %7
High Lord Modolfr20 %2
fomorian anistruct19 %52
fomorian myder19 %46
restless ghost18 %5
corpse delver11 %131
ecto minion9 %23
iceberg8 %1
peallaidh7 %70
Danaoin soldier7 %146
werewolf grimnought6 %4
werewolf elite guard4 %30
sjoalf beachcomber4 %49
fiery fiend4 %1
werewolf advisor4 %8
werewolf scavenger4 %8
werewolf royal guard4 %11
faeghoul4 %4
pygmy goblin tangler4 %10
werewolf prowler3 %4
wolfaur quixot3 %5
Thelod3 %1
greater boogey2 %30
Ellyll sage2 %1
Templar2 %2
wolfaur pragmatic2 %4
pygmy goblin2 %179
Lord Brumma2 %4
bone-eater oracle2 %2
morvalt beskydda2 %18
Lord Ungar2 %1
Priestess2 %1
Lord Huggtand2 %2
werewolf scruff2 %2
cruach imp2 %3
bone-eater spine-ripper2 %9
werewolf churl2 %13
shard golem2 %6
werewolf noble1 %4
Lord Gifttand1 %2
bone-eater slayer1 %2
hillock changeling1 %2
fenrir snowscout1 %1
phaeghoul1 %7
Ellyll windchaser1 %1
Lord Vild1 %2
crazed lycantic1 %5
curmudgeon wanter1.0 %1
ghastly Albion invader1.0 %2
werewolf bodyguard0.8 %2
pale aurora0.7 %4
bone-eater eviscerater0.7 %1
innocent0.4 %1
isalf forayer0.4 %1
wintery dirge0.4 %1
ekyps gunstling0.1 %1
ekyps scavenger0.1 %1

Item Stats Delve Information

Each reported variation on stats is shown (because stats can vary for unique objects and multi-realm objects).
The '#' symbol has been substituted for values that change during object use (e.g., condition).
The most recent delves are listed first (sometimes Mythic changes the stats of items).

VariationDate Last DelvedDelve Text

No delve information found


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