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NOTE: This DAoC bestiary is built from log files submitted by players like you.

Camelot Auto-Bestiary

Item: jasper

Mobs That Drop This Item

All mob drop percentages are estimates.
Grey italic drop rates are the LEAST accurate -- more log submissions are needed to give a more accurate rate.

MobItem Drop Rate# Dropped
darkfang wyld50 %1
defiled will o' wisp33 %1
Yleg33 %28
lost hagbui22 %64
small viper20 %1
mad kobold16 %49
ekyps gunstling14 %105
ekyps scavenger13 %129
tenebrous stalker11 %1
svendo9 %14
vendo savager7 %3
vendo yowler7 %21
Eteki7 %1
Master of Ceremonies7 %1
Underviewer Treeal7 %1
casolith7 %12
arbordon6 %21
bloody axe regular5 %1
coerced groover4 %111
flurry4 %1
bwgan hunter3 %1
watery escort3 %5
glashtin surveyor3 %2
silvermine guard3 %40
koalinth warden3 %5
koalinth sentinel2 %7
koalinth envoy2 %4
glashtin attendant2 %1
Meurig2 %3
muryan emmisary2 %1
keltoi spiritualist2 %6
northern ettin2 %5
koalinth bouncer2 %2
nip mephit2 %3
drakoran leech1 %2
keltoi eremite1 %1
koalinth spectator1 %1
koalinth warder1 %1
troglodyte0.9 %5
unseelie underviewer0.9 %2
earth sprite0.7 %1
keltoi ritualist0.6 %1
keltoi banisher0.3 %2
gremlin0.3 %2

Item Stats Delve Information

Each reported variation on stats is shown (because stats can vary for unique objects and multi-realm objects).
The '#' symbol has been substituted for values that change during object use (e.g., condition).
The most recent delves are listed first (sometimes Mythic changes the stats of items).

VariationDate Last DelvedDelve Text

No delve information found


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