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NOTE: This DAoC bestiary is built from log files submitted by players like you.

Camelot Auto-Bestiary

Item: red spinel

Mobs That Drop This Item

All mob drop percentages are estimates.
Grey italic drop rates are the LEAST accurate -- more log submissions are needed to give a more accurate rate.

MobItem Drop Rate# Dropped
mantid exterminator100 %1
wrath sprite44 %15
fomorian bonic39 %27
fomorian trodach33 %2
snaggletooth mender33 %1
morvalt renegade30 %3
very chilly skelett27 %3
morvalt landflyke25 %30
fomorian geddon24 %19
lost hagbui22 %63
Ellyll champion21 %4
Ellyll villager19 %23
Yleg18 %15
snaggletooth obliterator17 %1
Ellyll windchaser16 %13
Ellyll guard16 %27
morvalt vandarare14 %3
Underviewer Treeal14 %2
arbordon abductor14 %23
mad kobold12 %36
ekyps gunstling12 %89
ekyps scavenger11 %115
fomorian radden10 %19
half orc grunt10 %1
vendo savager10 %4
arachite grymherre8 %1
befuddled rocky golem8 %1
vanisher8 %2
Koalinth Castellan8 %1
tenebrous wizard7 %1
empyrean sentinel6 %1
Ellyll explorer5 %1
pelagian guard5 %3
tenebrous infiltrator5 %1
Ellyll sage5 %2
glashtin attendant5 %2
koalinth guardian5 %13
svendo4 %7
renegade guard4 %1
bodach4 %1
flurry4 %1
vendo yowler4 %11
Ellyll froglord4 %1
merman4 %1
casolith4 %6
coerced groover3 %93
graugach2 %2
unseelie underviewer2 %5
silvermine guard2 %30
snow imp2 %1
cniogcrag scavenger2 %1
nip mephit2 %3
fog wraith2 %2
pelagian crab1 %3
ursine warrior1 %1
obeboddoklan digger1 %1
bocaidhe1 %1
koalinth envoy1 %2
mucky yuck1 %1
troglodyte1 %6
ursine patrol1 %1
northern ettin0.7 %2
urchin scavenger0.4 %1

Item Stats Delve Information

Each reported variation on stats is shown (because stats can vary for unique objects and multi-realm objects).
The '#' symbol has been substituted for values that change during object use (e.g., condition).
The most recent delves are listed first (sometimes Mythic changes the stats of items).

VariationDate Last DelvedDelve Text

No delve information found


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